Cristina Spencer


hello book lovers, friends, and undercover creatives.

I’m Cristina and I think your creativity matters. Our world is in desperate need of your gifts, but unveiling hidden yearnings and developing shy talents is scary. Part of what I love about being a writer is that I get to meet other artists who remind me that making art is an act of faith. Everytime we sit down to create something new we leap into the unknown. So when I need to muster up my courage to start a new project or submit my next piece—I think of other artists who have gone before me and remind myself that we are here to liberate each other. When one of us moves through our fear, it makes it easier for others to do the same. We are not alone.


My mission is to liberate as much creative energy into the world as I can. In the day-to-day this looks like:

   Championing art and artists I admire.   //   Researching how creative people, especially women writers, generate their most juicy work.   //   Amplifying women’s voices through coaching and women’s circles.   //   Engaging in social justice causes that create the conditions for a broader range of people to generate their most creative contributions.   //   Producing my own best creative work and encouraging each of my family members to do the same.    




My published writing has appeared in national publications, anthologies and journals (both online and offline). The Return, appeared in the Postpartum Progress Mother's Day Rally May 2015 More



Try this on for size. YOU—your unique, creative combination of gifts and flaws and possibilities and potentials—matter tremendously. I coach because I believe each and every one of us contributes to the greater good.  More