Celebrate :: 40 is Fabulous

I went to a "40 is Fabulous" Birthday Party this weekend.  And I loved it.  The display of fancy shoes alone was celebration of glitter, sass, style and pure fun.  But that was not all, there was dancing to cheesy music from the nineties, amazing ice cream sandwiches from Bi-Rite creamery in San Francisco, and tequila shots.  That's right, tequila shots.  I did it all, tipping a little farther backwards, as my heels sunk deeper and deeper into the lawn with each passing hour.

One of the things I loved the most about this party though, was the frame for this celebration.  The hostess had gathered us all together to celebrate 40 years of life, by sharing a little bit of all of her favorite things with us.  So on various tables around the party there was a list in a silver frame of the hostess's "Top 40."  You can see the bottom of it in this picture below:

Reading the list made me closer to the Birthday friend, confirming what I already knew, but also adding to the picture.  I had no idea "early morning" was one of her favorite things.  Now I do.  By sharing so generously she deepened our friendship in a sweet, light hearted way.  And so to say thanks, I'm offering my own "Top 40" in no particular order.  Actually, since I'm 41, I indulged in 41 items.  Forgive me.  Here it goes:

morning frisbee with Chicca (the dog)
the ocean
ice cream
villa san michele
mothers symposium 
monday dish walks
my mother's floating island
getting there by bike
rainy days
post ranch inn
outdoor fires
friday sitting
my wedding dress
momma zen
aqua blue
hanalei bay
date night
the sunshine smell of girl hair
my weber grill
my bed
sunday jogs
homemade gnocchi
productive team meetings
a good bagel
the golden gate bridge
my girls schools
family dinners
shawn colvin

What's on your list?

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