About me

I struggle mightily with my About Me page.  The bloggers I enjoy tell these wonderful stories about themselves, the oatmeal they ate when they were kids, the boots they thought were great but now just don't seem right.  Jaunty yarns that give a real peek into who they are.

Every time I started one of these things, I ended up down a rabbit hole of my own making.  The worst kind!  So I put a stop to that and did something else.  I wanted to make something simple that would tell you about me, what I love, what compels and confuses me, and how I approach things.  Lately, a lot of that is coming with color.  Go figure.  

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  

This is Me in Color.

Here I am, walking along the side walk in Palo Alto, California.

Or hanging out in my backyard.  

It's pretty suburban if you look at it one way,

but if you look at it another way

it is also something else.

Standing here makes me think

there is something strong

at the center of all of our lives,

that is unique and universal,

here forever

and disappearing

in an instant.

And if this is true,

I want to know

how to dance

in the light

with less fear.

Can we do the tango

then shake it off

with Taylor Swift


Looking closely

can help.

Especially in water.

Snorkling is good anytime


Now this ends too.
The winter arrives
in every spring bud.

So let's make haste.

It is time to decamp,
to put on our jackets and venture outside,
time to be regarded by other eyes.

Want to come?

*Straight up stolen lines from

Billy Collins Envoy

It's painfully obvious which ones they are.
I "heart" decamp.  

Homage to Jena Schwartz
whose nearly daily poetry
and lovely book

Don't miss this
Bring me a great deal of happiness.