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We do best by the world around us, when we let go of limiting beliefs and grow into the most authentic, alive versions of ourselves that we can be.



One on One work

I often work with individuals who are shy about the gems that hide inside them—these folks are often moms who have invested a good deal of time in parenting, or are artists who have been trying every which way til Sunday to avoid admitting to being a beginner artist. People who work with me report they feel like they are being seen for the first time in a long time, or are being seen as an artist for the first time.

Here’s how I work: I do a free half hour consultation to explore whether or not we are a fit. And then, if it feels like we are a fit, we design a package of a few sessions and calendar them in advance. If I am not able to work with you, I am more than happy to refer you to any one of my amazing colleagues.



Kirsten Romer, Laurel Holman and I are the founders of ShineOnCollaborative. Together we have designed an 8-week curriculum for jump starting women’s circles. There are few experiences more powerful than a close circle of like-minded peers facing the journey of life together. Based on sound psychological principles and proven coaching practice, we bring together groups of 8-12 women for a transformative experience. Often our circles continue well beyond our first 8 weeks together. If you are interested in taking your book club to the next level, getting the female support you need at work, or simply feel you have arrived at the just right moment in your life for a group experience, email me.